Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Sushi Adventure

Today I will talk about a unique restaurant in Japan called “Sushi Go Round.” I do not know if that is the technical name for this restaurant, but that is what Americans like to call it because the restaurant is exactly what the name is. The sushi actually goes around on a conveyor belt. In the middle of the restaurant there is a conveyor belt that displays all sorts of different sushi. You can sit on the bar right by the conveyer belt and pick any sushi dish you want. The cooks are in the middle of the conveyor belt making the different dishes of sushi. The dishes are different colors which indicate the different prices of sushi. There is also a button right by where you are sitting, and you can push the button and ask the cook to make anything you want on the menu.
                                          The Sushi Cook behind the conveyor belt with sushi
When we went to the “Sushi Go Round,” I ordered raw shrimp sushi, egg sushi, tuna sushi, and vegetable sushi. I believed my friend that sat next to me was getting a little home sick for American food because he ordered fried shrimp sushi, fried pork sushi, French fries, and meatloaf sushi. Yes, there is such a thing as meatloaf sushi, and you better believe that a group of Americans would order it at a sushi restaurant. My other friend I guess also started to miss American food, so she ordered cheese balls which by the way are not the same as American cheese balls. We only had one daring person in our sushi group who tried octopus sushi and fish egg sushi. After we ate about 1,000 yen ($10) worth of sushi, we still felt hungry so we walked a couple blocks to FamilyMart. At FamilyMart, I purchased my usual which is an ice cream crunch bar (The best bar in Japan). Finally, we were full after the ice cream and made our way home for the night. I would not say that sushi is my favorite food, but I heard that it is always good to try different things when you are in a different country.
                                                                Egg sushi

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