Sunday, August 14, 2011

My last weeks in Japan

I want to start by saying I have been slacking on my blog lately, but to my defense it has been hard since my computer is once again broken. Hopefully my computer just doesn’t like Japan, and it will come back to life once I get back to the States.

I will start this blog by discussing last weekend. On August 6th, Ryan and I made our way to Hikari beach which is about an hour from Iwakuni. Our little journey first started at the train station. We were trying to say Hakari beach to the Japanese ticket person, but I am guessing our pronunciation was little off because he had no idea what we were talking about. After about 20 minutes of various hand signals and picture pointing, we finally got our ticket to the beach. Once Ryan and I arrived at the beach, we knew we made the right decision to travel farther to spend our day at a more remote beach. The beach we usually go to (Yuu beach), has many Americans and it is fairly small. This beach however is pretty big and very peaceful. Throughout the day, Ryan and I swam in the ocean and played the game, “How far can you go down.” Since you cannot see the bottom of the ocean, you have no idea how deep the water is. Ryan likes to try to touch the bottom even if we are very far from land. I like playing this game until the people on the beach look like little specs. We had fun though and I am sure I will return to the beach my last weekend in Japan.
Hikari Beach
                                                               Hikari Beach Again

After the day on the beach, Ryan and I made our way to the Kiniti Bridge Firework Festival in Iwakuni. The moment we got to the bridge, we were very shock by how many people we saw. I did not expect the entire bottom area of the bridge to be covered with thousands of people. The bottom area under the bridge also had food and drink stands. Once we eyed the food, we made our way under the bridge and bought some food while watching the fireworks. The food stands had the same type of food as the drum festival had with various meats on a stick (including squid), Okonomiyaki, slushy drinks, and even hamburgers! The fireworks were overall very amazing and it was worth to walk an hour through curvy, scary roads to attend the festival.

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