Monday, June 27, 2011

Week #2 in Japan

This week I did not get the chance to explore Japan or even Iwakuni. Unfortunately, I had to work all week including this weekend. The good news is this weekend was the last full weekend I had to work, so after this week I will be able to go out and explore parts of Japan I haven’t seen yet.

On Saturday I did get the opportunity to run on the sea wall. The sea wall on base goes along the Nishiki river delta. It is about a 4 mile run down and back. The sea wall makes its way to the very back of base where it can be very scenic and peaceful. I was able to run the sea wall a few times so far this summer. I enjoy running along the Nishiki river delta and seeing the mountains around me.

My room on base is a pretty typical hotel room. As you can see, it has one bed, a refrigerator, sink, bathroom, and a plasma TV. We live in barracks with other military personal, but luckily all of the Camp people are located in the same area. Where we live is close to the commissary (grocery store), MCX (a store like a small younkers), and the food court.
The two places where I work on base is the outdoor pool called Waterworks and the Indoor Pool called Ironworks. The Indoor pool is located in the gym and both pools are very nice. They are large 50 meter length pools. I am happy again this year that I am getting the opportunity to work with Japanese people, and hopefully by the end of the summer I will know a little more Japanese than I did last summer.

Well that is about it for my blog this week. I am sorry if it was boring this week, but not much happened this second week. Hopefully I will have many more adventures to talk about other than my room and my work.

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